Slagwerk is an event series, music label and platform founded by Otis Dehaes, based in Brussels since 2017.

From 2017 onwards Slagwerk has hosted and curated several events in places such as Beursschouwburg, Recyclart, FFORMATT, Pilar, Brasserie Atlas, STUK (Leuven), Vooruit (Ghent), Het Bos (Antwerp), Market Hotel (New York), Garage Noord (Amsterdam), La Station (Paris), Acud Macht Neu (Berlin), Café Pompiers (Bordeaux) and more. The events which ranged from concert settings to outright club nights have always aimed for the intersection of sound and scenography and presented a wide range of experimental artists such as Amnesia Scanner, Oli XL, Aïsha Devi, Lee Gamble, Varg2™, Rabit, Abyss X, M.E.S.H. and many others. 

Slagwerk operates as a platform primarily focussing on contemporary experimental music. Besides organizing events, they present themselves as a music label and digital art platform. Their aesthetic ranges from metamodern internetculture to endeavours into spiritual ambiences contaminated with strikingly metallic club environments. Their label catalogue currently counts 7 albums and around 30 single releases some of which have been released physically in the form of high-definition printed slim USB-cards to underline their relation to cyber culture.

Slagwerk is closely affiliated with young artists and creators in different fields which results in a varied archive that cares for a strong graphic identity. The collective represents a small roster of local artists who've had the opportunity to play around Europe in clubs such as De School, Garage Noord (Amsterdam), Macao (Milan), Trauma Bar (Berlin), La Java (Paris) and Fuchs2 (Prague) and across radio platforms including NTS Radio (London), Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), Rinse France (Paris), Kiosk Radio (Brussels), Radio Raheem (Milan) and Radio 40 (Lausanne).


ssaliva (live/dj)
Otis (dj)
Dida (live/dj)

Artists featured:

0comeups (2019)
Abyss X (2018)
Acre (2020)
Air Max '97 (2017)
Alobhe (2019)
Amnesia Scanner (2018)
Ange Halliwell (2022)
Ariane Kiks (2022)
Ausschuss (2019)
ava* (2021)
Aïsha Devi (2018)
Baby Blue (2019)
Benjamim Furtado (2023)
bdstf (2023)
Bby Eco (2020)
Buga (2019, 2023)
Celes (2022)
Celestial Trax (2018)
Club Cringe (2023)
Club Eat (2022)
Color Plus (2021)
Covco (2023)
Croww (2020)
Crystallmess (2023)
Dark0 (2015)
Dasychira (2020, 2022)
Debit (2022)
D'eon (2021)
Detente (2018)
Dida (2021)
Diony Lake (2023)
Dis Fig (2018)
DJ G2G (2023)
DJ Healthy (2023)
DJ Kit (2023)
DJ Lostboi (2019)
DJ Narciso (2023)
DJ Serene (2022)
DJ Travella
djb (2020)
DJH (2022)
emamouse (2021)
Emma DJ (2022)
Endgame (2023)
ESP (2022)
Estoc (2022)
Europa (2023)
Euglossine (2021)
Europe (2019)
Ex Wiish (2023)
Felicita (2022)
Felix Lee (2019)
Femi (2022)
Fetva (2022)
Flora Yin-Wong (2019)
French Kettle Station (2020)
Gazelle Twin (2018)
Golin (2022)
Hiele (2020)
Himera (2021, 2023)
Inef Coupe (2020)
IVVVO (2018)
James Ferraro (2022)
Jasmine Infiniti (2023)
John T. Gast (2022)
Kenji (2019)
Kid Antoine (2017)
Klein (2023)
Know V.A (2016)
Krampf (2019)
Kurama (2020)
Lauren Duffus (2022)
Lee Gamble (2019)
LEGACY (2023)
Lensk (2019)
Lili Molli Shina (2023)
Liyo (2017, 2019)
Low Jack (2022)
Lulu (2023)
Mechatok (2022)
M.E.S.H. (2019)
Malibu (2019)
Mankiyan (2023)
Merely (2020)
Money Lang (2022)
Munix (2018)
Neana (2016)
Nunu (2018)
Oli XL (2018, 2021, 2022)
Oxhy (2019)
Palmistry (2023)
Pebblle (2022)
Petit Singe (2018)
Piano Princess (2019)
Proc Fiskal (2023)
Rabit (2018)
Renoiterrible (2023)
Retina Set (2017)
Rezzett (2020)
rogergoon (2019)
Snufkin (2021)
Samuelspaniel (2018, 2023)
Sausha (2023)
ssaliva (2018, 2019)
Sully (2016)
tau contrib (2022)
TDJ (2022)
SKY H1 (2023)
Terribilis (2018)
Thoom (2019)
Torus (2015, 2019)
Toxe (2021)
Trngs (2023)
Varg2™ (2020)
Vegyn (2023)
Via App (2023)
Waterhouse (2019)
Why Be (2022)
x/o (2022)
Yawning Portal (2021, 2022)
Yem Gel (2021)
Zeta Lys (2022)

Visual artists featured:

Amal Guichard
Barbara Braccini
Camille Soulat
Dylan Van Roost
Emile De Geyndt
Francois Boulanger
Gaspar De Geyndt
Harry Appleyard
Ike Clateman
Jenna St George
Jonas Mergan
Joris Benjamins
Lars Boelaerts
Loïc Le Hécho
Maria Chiara Moro
Miel Audenaert
Nicholas Zhu
Oli svg
Otis Verhoeve
Pietro Agostoni
Quinten Struyven
Sam Evers
Sara Dibiza
Saskia Smith
Sybil Montet
Thomas De Rijk
Florian Le Prisé


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