02.02.18: Celestial Trax, Dis Fig
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✦ Celestial Trax ( 🇺🇸 - PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree )
✦ Dis Fig ( 🇩🇪 - Berlin Community Radio / PTP )
✦ Munix ( 🇧🇪 - H E 4 R T B R O K E N )
✦ Slagwerk DJs ( 🇧🇪 )


Date: February 2nd 2018
Venue: Recyclart
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €8 / €10

Celestial Trax is a producer, composer and DJ. Dividing his time between Brooklyn and Europe, the multi-instrumentalist has crafted a unparalleled voice within the club scene and electronic music landscape. The artist’s sound – a mixture of ceremonious, psychedelic, and heavy hitting – is traceable across his myriad of productions, as well as his live and DJ sets.
After releasing two EPs with NYC’s Purple Tape Pedigree and a trilogy of EPs for Rinse, his debut full-length – Nothing Is Real, is an arresting evolution from his previous work. Released on PTP in the fall of 2017, the album moves into a surreally daedal and undefinable sonic realm, psychedelia and electro-acoustic compositions.

A Berlin via New York transplant since 2014, Dis Fig earnestly reflects her past and present. She is a member of NYC label and collective Purple Tape Pedigree - alongside label-boss Geng, Celestial Trax, Gila, Kieran Loftus, and Copout - whose mold-melting output is woven with the same thread as her own. Her sound touches on a variety of club genres, bottling the dark components of jersey, grime, techno, baile, and ballroom with a generous topping of rap and R&B. She sandwiches sweet lullabies and anthemic lyrics with unsettling beats and unconventional musical backdrops, uniting noir and twisted emotions with frenetic percussion and beatless moments of grandeur.