04.05.18: Rabit, IVVVO, Petit Singe
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✦ Rabit ( 🇺🇸 - Halcyon Veil / Tri Angle )
✦ IVVVO ( 🇬🇧 - Nyx Unchained / Halcyon Veil )
✦ PETIT SINGE ( 🇮🇹 - Haunter / Houndstooth )
✦ Slagwerk DJs ( 🇧🇪 )


Date: May 4th 2018
Venue: Beursschouwburg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €8 / €10

Rabit is a Houston based producer, composer, DJ, and record label owner. Chiseling out a bold vision of sound, Rabit has slowly worked his way to the forefront of an international group of artists seeking to create a fresh and uncompromising perspective on future dance music and the very fabric of the club landscape. Much like his contemporaries, Arca, Lotic and Toxe, Rabit combines industrial, hip hop, noise, and sound collage to foster sonic spaces for theexploration of sexuality, gender, race, embodiment, and injustice. Starting his career in 2012 with several EP’s, splits and singles, it was his 2015 debut album, Communion, released on NYC’s Tri Angle Records, which garnered him broad attention by international audiences and the music media. Inspired by the talent emerging around him, the same year also saw the launch of Rabit’s own label Halcyon Veil, a collaborative release with NON’s Chino Amobi as well as a official remix for Björk’s Vulnicura LP and reconnected for production work on her latest release Utopia. Additionally Rabit released his sophomore album Les Fleurs Du Mal via his own Halcyon Veil imprint on November 3rd 2017.

The Portuguese born, and London-based artist explores millennial anxiety, depression & fear experienced first hand by the artist. The complexity and contradictory nature of these emotions and mental states which result in a vulnerable narrative highlighting the difficulties that come with positive progress in his new show. His hybrid mode of practice and challenging subject matter and expanding rave pallet has led him to perform at various international club nights, festivals and runway shows, such as CXEMA, Berghain - Säule, Club to Club, Cafe Oto, and contributed tracks to the Raf Simons runway show among others. In February 2017, IVVVO released his much-anticipated EP Good, Bad, Baby, Horny on Halcyon Veil which was followed later in the year by his LP Prince of Grunge on Nyx Unchained.

Petit Singe (aka Hazina Francia) is an India-born, Italy-based producer whose music seems to resonate more intensely with every release. Since her debut on Haunter Records, Francia has come looming into our view with her unique capacity for merging disparate influences. Records such as her Akash Ganga EP, which was remixed by the likes of Aïsha Devi, Zuli and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, have showcased Petit Singe’s intricate, lyrical and emotive approach to composition.