05.03.20: Rezzett, Varg2™, Merely
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✦ Rezzett ( 🇬🇧 — The Trilogy Tapes )
✦ Varg2™ ( 🇸🇪 — Posh Isolation )
✦ Merely ( 🇸🇪 — YEAR0001 )
✦ djb ( 🇳🇱  — Opal Tapes )
✦ hexagon brozart ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )
✦ Otis + Dida ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )


Date: March 5th 2020
Venue: Pilar
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 20:00pm - 04:00am
Tickets: €7 / €10
In collaboration with: PILAR ASAP: The Glitch Edition (Opening Night)

Jackson Bailey (Tapes) and Luke Blair (Lukid) are an electronic music duo Rezzett whose catalogue showcasing their dusty, twisted, and distorted take on house, drum & bass, and jungle has almost exclusively been released on The Trilogy Tapes since the pair's debut release in 2013.

Under the moniker of Varg2™, Jonas Rönnberg runs a cunning operation. Covert transmissions, alongside penetrating statements from techno's core, are stacked adjacent to self-assertive live performances with an agility and depth of focus rarely summoned so instinctively.

Merely (additionally a member of Swedish experimental trio Team Rockit and trance project Chariot) meshes layers and blurs borders between the organic and digital, building vast, spacious soundscapes and ethereal harmonies, always with her roots deeply buried within the rich soil of contemporary pop and dance music. The poetic and emotional elements serve as the foundation in her music, where nothing is completely literal, but rather personal, sincere and equivocal. In early 2019, Merely released her 3rd solo album “Hatching The Egg” through YEAR0001 - a project painted with a palette of psychedelica, dream pop, shoe-gaze, chamber music and subtle hints of progressive rock.