11.03.22: Why Be, Emma DJ, Dasychira
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✦ Why Be ( 🇩🇰 — Yegorka )
✦ Emma DJ ( 🇫🇷 — UIQ )
✦ Dasychira ( 🇿🇦 — Unseelie )
✦ Zeta Lys ( 🇳🇱 — STROOM )
✦ Otis ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )


Date: March 11th 2022
Venue: Recyclart
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €10

Tobias Lee is a Korean-born, Danish-raised, and Berlin / Copenhagen-based producer and DJ. After intentionally spending years on the fringes of experimental dance music, 2015 saw Lee embracing the conventional release format for the very first time, accordingly establishing himself as a formidable emergent voice in dance music's larger conversation.The resulting Snipestreet EP on Rabit's Halcyon Veil label notably found the artist exercising a newfound mastery over original productions, in lieu of his usual, unruly approach to bootlegs and edits. Upon release it garnered widespread critical acclaim. Following Snipestreet Why Be teamed up with his year-long comrades Elysia Crampton, Chino Amobi, Lexxi & Rabit to join forces on the album Demon City released by Break World Records. Same year he soundtracked Stephanie Comilang's sci-fi docu Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso about filipina migrant workers in Hong Kong. The soundtrack featured collaborations with Sky H1 and Elysia Crampton and was released via Chino Amobi's NON records. In 2017 Janus released a collaborative 15 minute piece ‘dc’ that Why Be and Backtearer recorded between Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Berlin. In June 2018 he and Janus’ Dan DeNorch founded the label Yegorka that has released 16 projects so far, including Caged Animal (released December 2020), Why Be’s second official solo release with features from Patrick Belaga and Iceage’s Elias Rønnenfelt.

Since the start of 2019, Parisian based Emma DJ has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases with 3 albums on cassette tapes as well as upcoming releases on imprints like Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S and BFDM to name a few. A remarkable output from the Finnish native who’s been quietly forging an aesthetic of his own following a decade in electronic music across all corners of the industry. His productions display a clear penchant for harder, grittier and ever indescribable sounds, translating directly into his DJ sets. In addition to his growing touring schedule, Emma DJ has been running the Fusion mes Couilles parties for the past 3 years. The infamous underground events have made an important impact beyond the comical appeal of its name through subtle curation and a fresh approach to club culture, gaining him and the rest of his collective a singular reputation across the Parisian scene.

Dasychira actively engages with the cobweb of magical realism around them, creating music and art that tiptoes between dimensions of fantasy. Pronounced /ˈdah.see.kira/, the South African artist by way of New York City and now Amsterdam, released their first two EPs—Immolated and Haptics— via Blueberry Records in 2017 and 2018, respectively. After the release of Immolated, they embarked on a nationwide tour of the U.S. In the summer of 2018, Dasychira toured Europe and Canada after the release of Haptics. In 2019, they released a collaborative EP with Changchun-based artist Yikii called Bubble Wrap Armor on unseelie. They completed a full Asia tour in support of their debut LP xDream, which they followed with a performance premiering the album live with Yikii on Halloween in Los Angeles. They closed that year with a festival appearance at Les Urbaines in Switzerland and a packed show in London. In 2020, with most plans and performances postponed, they shifted their focus to audio-visual projects and released their music video “Swirl”, a line of collectible plushies, and two singles. They spent the spring in Los Angeles filming music videos before relocating to Europe where they have been creating new work. In 2021, they released their long-awaited Hollywood Forever Mixtape. This year they are working on their second major full-length album. Dasychira’s work has been featured in The FADER, Paper Magazine, The Wire, Flaunt Magazine, and various other publications. They currently run the label end of fae-minded collective unseelie.

Zeta Lys is a DJ, multi-disciplinary artist and sound designer. Her DJ sets merge various sounds from atmospheric field recordings and floating melodies to broken beats and bass heavy rhythms. The outcome is a constant alternation of different moods and dynamics, sensitively brought together to formulate their own narrative. In her work as a sound designer for film and video, Zeta Lys is using a similar methodology of assemblage, mixing a manifold of existing sounds with her own compositions to find the most suitable acoustic setting for its visual counterpart. Whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Zeta Lys started making mixtapes and A/V shows for former audiovisual platform Frequent visits and residencies followed at other platforms like Red Light Radio, the Word Radio and Kiosk Radio. Zeta Lys has performed at venues like Beursschouwburg, C12, Fuse, Sameheads (Berlin), MONO (Rotterdam) as well as at festivals like Listen! Festival, Different Class, Out Loud Festival, Draaimolen Festival.