16.02.23: Palmistry, Lauren Duffus, ESP
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✦ Palmistry
✦ Lauren Duffus
✦ lili molli shina


Date: Thursday February 16th
Venue: Beursschouwburg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 20:00pm - 01:00am
Tickets: €12 / €15

✧ Palmistry ✧

“ Remember TINKERBELL? ”

“ Ye they had the best shit in LA  ”

An emotional tapestry from the last days of La back to the boros of SE4 4QU, featuring an all star cast of close friends.

“TINKERBELL the new Palmistry album its a hard, short , 16 minute rough cut diamond of a record”

✧ Lauren Duffus ✧

Taking up music production as a means of working through grief during the first lockdown of 2020, Lauren Duffus’ natural flair for emotional expression has quickly singled her out as a captivating addition to London’s experimental electronic scene. Her debut EP ‘Sulk’, a beguiling record characterised by its intimacy and unique use of vocal samples, was released on the fledgling Body Motion imprint last year.

✧ ESP ✧

ESP's dedication to world building is the foundational element of their practice. The duo earnestly delivers on the promise of music as an expression of both the transcendental and terrestrial - an amalgamation of disparate influences and impulses, composite and composed, simultaneously uplifting and grounding.

Although decidedly genre-agnostic, a thread runs through the duo's body of work. Instantly recognizable and highly original, the fabric of their artistic oeuvre could only be the product of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis between lifelong creative partners, a clear beacon of two individuals demonstrating that the network is more than the nodes of which it is composed.

✧ lili molli shina ✧

Born and raised in Brussels, Lili Molli Shina, 20years old is an emergent visual artist and dj. With a background in photography and fashion design, she started to explore her need for liberation and craziness further through music. Experimenting with sounds and styles, she doesn’t like any rules. She mixes loosely based on electronic melodies. Always using a wide variety of tracks and bpm’s to stimulate the ear.