17.03.23: Vegyn, Covco, DJ Travella
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✦ Vegyn
✦ Covco
✦ DJ Travella
✦ Munix & DJ Kit
✦ Mankiyan
✦ Otis & Dida


Date: Friday March 17th
Venue: Reset
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 06:00am
Tickets: €12 / €15

✦ Vegyn ✦

Joe Thornalley, known by the moniker Vegyn, is a London-based producer whose unconventional style of beatmaking has attracted attention from club audiences as well as rappers. His restrained yet intricately detailed productions are both playful and mysterious, avoiding the clichéd hallmarks of most dance music and not quite fitting in with hip-hop trends, either. Issuing solo material through his own PLZ Make It Ruins label since 2014, he came to the public’s attention through his production work on Frank Ocean’s 2016 albums Blond and Endless. Vegyn’s proper debut album, Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds, appeared in 2019, and the house-leaning EP Like a Good Old Friend was released in 2021. The producer demonstrated his vast range on two lengthy mixtapes, 2019’s Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God! And 2022’s Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Too!!

✦ Cõvco ✦

A fiercely competent young DJ who blows away any room she plays, Cõvco is by far one of London’s most original and exciting DJs. Her sets combine a hi-energy mix of footwork edits and experimental dance music which often result in a frenzied dance floor experience. With some early explosive sets at the likes of London’s Tropical Waste parties and after party for the PAN ICA show, as well as a much anticipated set supporting RP BOO in London, Cõvco has since made appearances across the UK and Europe alongside the likes of Lee Gamble, Objekt, Joy Orbison and Danny L. Harle.

✦ DJ Travella ✦

DJ Travella is responsible for the most exhilarating music of recent years, injecting crackling cybernetic energy into singeli in a semi-improvisational style incorporating production, DJing and live performance. If you want to hear the future, listen to DJ Travella. The 22-year-old producer born Hamadi Hassani is responsible for the most exhilarating music of recent years, injecting crackling cybernetic energy into singeli, a genre which has resulted in some of the most important developments in electronic music in the last half decade. For those of you paying attention, partially thanks to devoted online support from patron saint of the experimental Arca and esteemed music meme lord La Meme Young, ‘Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2’ has been one the defining tracks of 2022, a turbo-charged transmission of full throttle, red-lining, hyperactive rave polyphony. Between the release of Travella’s essential album, Mr Mixondo, on Nyege Nyege Tapes back in April, his own Instagram documentation of ecstatic street parties in his hometown of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and his recent run of European performances, which have seen him brandishing his trusty Bluetooth keyboard like Herbie Hancock shredding a keytar solo, it’s clear that this is Travella’s time and the best we can do is keep up.

✦ Mankiyan ✦

It has been clear to anyone in the Belgian underground scene: Mankiyan
is a true gem and on a steady rise as an excellent selector. Emerging from a desire to fill a void in nightlife, she has been able to seek out, continuously evolve and refine her own style in a couple of years time. The result is a bass- and rhythm-heavy sound with enough margin to experiment with grimey dancehall guilty pleasures, hinting at the internet culture she grew up with. In short, she's pushing a sound that's addictively mysterious and mysteriously intoxicating.

✦ Munix & DJ Kit ✦

✦ Otis & Dida ✦