18.10.19: Torus, Alobhe, Krampf
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✦ Alobhe  ( 🇩🇪 — Tobago Tracks / Nyx Unchained )
✦ Torus ( 🇳🇱 — LASER CLUB )
✦ Krampf ( 🇫🇷 — Casual Gabberz )
✦ Otis & Terrorriba ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )
✦ Diony Lake ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )


Date: October 18th 2019
Venue: Beursschouwburg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €10

Alobhe (aka Iris Bauer) is a musician residing in Berlin, hell-bent on gutturally stabbing each broken genre she comes across. Raised in Hamburg but now based in Berlin, Bauer’s visceral take on future club music combines elements of electro, black metal, dark ambient, and techno to produce foreboding sonic assaults with an underlying impulse towards the industrial dancefloor.
Recent releases include contributions to Warsaw’s Intruder Alert Larum compilation and a debut EP called State Space, which dropped via UK label Tobago Tracks. Bauer has collaborated with London’s Acolytes (aka Denesh Shan), performing their project live at the acclaimed UK venue Cafe OTO. Their work together culminated in a single take recording of "idk demo" for the Nervous System compilation released on London’s Alien Jams in 2018. A new iteration of Alobhe’s menacing take on lo-fi, sample-based fragments of noise and distortion is set for release on IVVVO’s Nyx Unchained label in the near future.

Torus is an alias of Joeri Woudstra, a multidisciplinary artist based in The Hague. Since debuting in 2012, the RMBA Tokyo graduate has refined his artistry through impressive and varied roles such as soundtracking for Metahaven’s Benjamin Bratton stream and an installation for documenta 14 co-produced with Malibu, on echoes of pop culture. His latest A/V project ‘Descend In Chains’ is an 11.11 video of deconstructed choir music exhibited in both gallery and club contexts such De School, ‘t Kunstfort and Unfair, Amsterdam. In the club, Torus pushes dance music to the very edge of itself. Where his recent output has been distinctly melancholic and ambient, his DJing renders a headier, maximalist approach. Cleanly dissecting scenes and reconstructing them into reimagined contexts to radically alter their social function. His technical approach offers a framework in which to explore the emotional and personal aspects of sound intuitively. His desire to design a fuller experience is exercised Laser Club. Here, Torus turns his experimental practice towards rebuilding the generic club encounter. Independently piecing together all aspects of the experience - from the lineup, social context, to the stage design: expect lasers, strobes, lights and smoke. From The Hague to Korea, Laser Club is born out of a necessity to create and claim our own spaces. With recent guests including Kode9, Le1f, Suicideyear, Crystallmess and Teengirl Fantasy.

A 22 years old wunderkind, Krampf has already made a name for himself among nightlife enthusiasts. His unbelievable sets have made him one of the most talented DJs of his generation. From French rap to Hardstyle, blending Taylor Swift & Headhunterz & Lil Uzi Vert, mixing Kuduro with Hard Trance. His sets are much like the new generation, multifaceted, curious and furiously rebellious. He oscillates between his work as a producer / Art Director for artists such as Hyacinthe, Oklou, MZ, Set&Match, his musicvideo / 3D animator hat with his ultra-productive accomplice, director Kevin Elamrani-Lince and also his outstanding remixing skills which were put to good use by Maud Geffray on Pan European or on Pelican Fly, Casual Gabberz and Naive. Krampf is working on the follow up with a debut EP in the works and a live set created with the help of a video game graphic engine.