21.07.23: DJ G2G, Europa, Bugasmurf
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✦ DJ G2G
✦ Europa
✦ Bugasmurf
✦ Lulu
✦ Otis


Date: Friday July 21st
Venue: Imprimerie
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 06:00am
Tickets: €12 / €13

✦ DJ G2G ✦

DJ G2G is a Danish/Uruguayan non-binary/queer artist, producer & DJ. Through their energetic, playful, fun and experimental approach to mixing genres while referencing popular internet-culture, They have created their own characteristic signature.

Having graduated from The Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Electronic Composition along with touring across the world DJ'ing, this has laid the foundation from which DJ G2G produces and creates music that focuses on genre-bending sounds with hybrids of many origins as opposed to being bound by the rules/traditions of one.

DJ G2G’s sets attest to both the Uruguayan and Danish sides of their heritage, intricately splicing together modern Latin club sounds like perreo, cumbia, and guaracha with the deep dance music traditions found in Europe. Through their keen ear, G2G is able to effortlessly weave sets together, while retaining the wonderment and freedom that brought them to dance music in the first place. This fun spirit has brought DJ G2G to dancefloors all over the world, from Barcelona’s Razzmatazz to Taipei’s FINAL.

In DJ G2G’s productions, they have collaborated with artists such as Erika De Casier, Smerz, Jõao Lágrima de Ouro and Schacke among others. Latest DJ G2G has expanded their practice by making soundtracks for documentaries and fashion shows, having just shared their work in Dion Lee SS23 campaign film, the music for the WOOD WOOD FW23 runway show, and an extensive soundscape for Alectra Rothschild FW23 Runway film both during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

✦ Europa ✦

Europa is a moniker of a German-born but World-souled artist and musician Moritz Haas. After engaging in music making for quite some time, he describes his recent work as being created lightweightly, on the go, often just with a laptop on his legs, rushing from one place to another. This unsettled rhythm of shattered landscape quickly passing by and changing into fragments of impressions and memories opens itself into a rushing tunnel of different genres, melting tender melodies with angry beats and diverse cultural and linguistic references, transporting the listener to surprisingly vivid musical and political landscapes. Echoing our broken cultures torn into sharp yet fragile pieces, his music scatters samples across multiple layers and merges them into new constellations of united yet eclectic harmonies hitting you to the very core.

Evoking the now rare and fading pre-viral flashbacks of muffled sounds escaping the dance floor through chattering window glass at a foggy dawn, Europa’s music resonates with pressing melancholy that doesn’t leave us dwelling in apathy but makes our hearts beat in the frenetic urgent rhythm of possible change. The present EP seethes with this ever-transforming fiery energy, fulfilling Europa's own words: “ I guess I've always been trying to hunt after that hybrid moment of blissful rave and melodrama. Maybe something I lost somewhere on the way and try to keep burning.”

✦ Bugasmurf ✦

Fresh on the scene but already out-of-this-world, Bugasmurf’s on a mission crankin’ up the meters and makin’ ears pop! With his much-requested unique next-EDM style, you’re in for a smurfing good time! Watch out for the drop!

✦ Lulu ✦

Lulu is a DJ with an untamed sound. Jumping back and forth from moody vocals to dub-heavy rhythms and dark electronic bass, listening to her sets is a body-stimulating experience. Lulu was resident at the memorable festival Strange Sounds From Beyond. Currently she is a resident at Amsterdam’s Garage Noord and she executes spher.o.visceral on LYL Radio, a show wherein she explores the four elements through sound.

✦ Otis ✦

Otis is the founder and inspirer of Slagwerk, the Brussels-based label that supports artists from the experimental electronic music since 2017. Besides releases from ssaliva and Dida, among others, Slagwerk also organised hybrid nights with such luminaries as James Ferraro, Amnesia Scanner or Lee Gamble. Slagwerk stands for a radical fusion of nightlife and experiment, of dancing and listening. As DJ, Otis has played already in clubs and festivals as Dour Festival, Trauma Bar and Garage Noord. His sets are heterogeneous, unpredictable and throw together trivial, poppy and edgy elements.