20.10.23: Soraya & Dmitra, Emma DJ
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✦ Soraya & Dmitra | live
✦ Emma DJ
✦ Ingrate
✦ Vendredear
✦ Dida
✦ Otis


Date: Friday October 21st
Venue: La Station
City: Paris
Country: France
Start - end: 23:59pm - 06:30am
Tickets: €12 / €15

✦ Soraya & Dmitra ✦

New York and London Sound Systems were key influences to the now Berlin based artists Dmitra & Soraya. Their live set brings bass heavy club tracks paired with infectious vocal hooks. Expect to hear a mixture of four to the floor and breaks that will have people strutting, bouncing and quite possibly thrashing about. They have performed live for Berlin queer parties such as Buttons & Lecken, at Panorama Bar for Pan Records and for art establishments such as Mumok Vienna, Schinkel Pavillion etc. Dmitra & Soraya are also the founders of label & platform Kontinuum.

✦ Emma DJ ✦

Since the start of 2019, Parisian based Emma DJ has been building a rapidly growing catalogue of releases with 3 albums on cassette tapes as well as upcoming releases on imprints like Collapsing Market, L.I.E.S and BFDM to name a few. A remarkable output from the Finnish native who’s been quietly forging an aesthetic of his own following a decade in electronic music across all corners of the industry. His productions display a clear penchant for harder, grittier and ever indescribable sounds, translating directly into his DJ sets. In addition to his growing touring schedule, Emma DJ has been running the Fusion mes Couilles parties for the past 3 years. The infamous underground events have made an important impact beyond the comical appeal of its name through subtle curation and a fresh approach to club culture, gaining him and the rest of his collective a singular reputation across the Parisian scene.

✦ Ingrate ✦

Ingrate is the moniker of Copenhagen DJ and producer Anton Hinge Lenander.
Having previously put out music under other aliases, he released his first A/B side ‘Crypto Poser/The Enigma’ as Ingrate in 2018, followed by the 2020 EP ‘With A System In Mind’ and this year’s ‘A Melody Inside’.
Cool, romantic, contemplative, fun, heartfelt, special..these are words that aptly describe both Ingrate's productions and DJ mixes. It is dance music with a sharp, no-frills quality and subtly interwoven pop influences, that just might make you feel something.

✦ Vendredear ✦

Paris based-DJ & long-term serial digger, vendredear seeks genre interstices and any bootleg to shout on. Through their programmation and studio work at LYL Radio Paris, as well as their DJing practice, they aim at promoting the electronic avant-garde scene, with a focus on LGBTQI+ artists and emotionally infused breaks & melodies. From deconstructed club music to forgotten hardcore tracks, the sets of vendredear bring you on journeys to lose track of time on, fall in love, while getting sweaty. Since 2021, vendredear appeared on platforms, venues, and collectives, such as HÖR, Live From Earth, Comme des Garçons, OHM Berlin, Rex Club, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Machine Girl Paris opening, Promesses, Club Visage, La Darude, Club Late Music, among

✦ Dida ✦

Dida is both Dennis Vanderauwera’s moniker and artist name, a prime example of the composer/DJ’s continuous flirt with the informal and the formal. For Dida, the silly and the genius seem one and the same. Actually Dida’s first LP was titled Ingenuous Scenes (2021), a record that exploited the borderline genius of “kids” by building on children’s library music, strangely familiar sound pops that toy with that paranoid and perverse inside-jokeishness of anything “avant-garde.” In Dida’s music, composition is always and never easy on the ear, proof be last x-mas’ gift Waes Hael!, an album consisting of seven out-of-control jingling and jangling Christmas carols. Expect from Dida’s liveshow a similarly crooked vibe, demonstrating his amateurish take on the classical and his keen soundtrack-y sense for mini-drama. Highlights may include stammered vowels or speechlessness turned to song, the oei’s and ai’s that reveal Dida’s flair for stupid Flemishness and the unmistakable party sensibility, leaving nothing not turned inside-out and upside down.

✦ Otis ✦

Otis is the founder of Slagwerk, a Brussels-based label notorious for their parties, bringing together the ever-surprising stretches of contemporary music – its history includes James Ferraro, Amnesia Scanner, Aïsha Devi, Oli XL, Lee Gamble, Varg2TM, Rabit, Abyss X and M.E.S.H. – and a delight in the many faces of club, never disconnected from the families it fosters.