23.10.21: Toxe, Oli XL, Himera
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✦ Toxe
✦ Oli XL
✦ Himera
✦ Dida
✦ Snufkin
✦ Otis


Date: October 23rd 2021
Venue: Le Tri Postal
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 22:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €10

Swedish producer Toxe's sharp ascent through club-cursed climes has elicited the highest praise from the start. In just a few years she has released three EP’s and scored music for fashion houses such as KENZO and Acne. Toxe made her breakthrough as an exciting new voice in experimental club music and a central figure within the groundbreaking Stockholm crew STAYCORE with her distinctive sound and style that flitting between hi-tech futurism and human emotion. Since the release of her debut EP Muscle Memory on Staycore, Toxe’s career has been continuously on the rise as she regularly appears on bills for clubs nights across Europe and tours around the world. A digital native whose aesthetic translates fluidly into design, Toxe also creates own artwork and music videos that are integral parts of her artistic vision. Blinks, released in 2018 and became her debut EP on PAN, hints at Toxe's impulse to voice a simultaneous and unorganised set of experiences with a fractal bloom of candied melodies and minor laments set in a sweep of frenetic rhythmic scenes. In 2019 Toxe teamed up with a German musician Mechatok and started the duo Emiranda and released an EP My Face on record Berlin label Yegorka. Her most recent release, 12’’ split vinyl shared with the French producer and DJ Crystallmess, marks her second release on PAN.

Oli XL is an experimental musician from Stockholm. After slowly becoming a key voice in the leftfield club sphere, and appearing in compilations such as PAN’s Mono No Aware, Oli vastly expanded the world of his already distinguished sound with the release of his debut album Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer in 2019, to critical acclaim. With a dissected freehand approach to the rhythms of the UK rave continuum, fragmented sampling techniques are paired with personal field recordings & processed vocals, resulting in a bizarre but emotionally rich musical universe recalling the playfulness of Basement Jaxx as much as humorless glitch.
Following a small set of vocal driven live shows diving deeper into the album’s pop sensibility, Oli has spent the last year carefully crafting a new collection of music… TBA..

Pop music is full of promises about “forever”. When something feels good we never want it to end, and the best – or at least most obvious – way of emulating that fantasy of permanent euphoria is to hit repeat on a endorphin-soaked banger. 17-year-old Russian-Irish producer Himera embeds this fantasy into their compositions, which zero in on a concentrated hook – usually a giddy arpeggio or flattening supersaw stab – before extending it into a dizzying sonic architecture vast enough to feel endless: imagine the notification sound of an unexpected text from an old friend (and the accompanying pang of feeling) spiralling out into a hyper-produced trance epic and you’re halfway there.