24.10.23: Voice Actor, Benjamim Furtado
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✦ Voice Actor | live
✦ Benjamim Furtado| live
✦ Anina


Date: Friday October 24th
Venue: Beursschouwburg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 20:00pm - 23:00am
Tickets: €13 / €16

✧ Voice Actor ✧

Voice Actor was originally conceived as a radio project with 109 tracks released by the label Stroom under the title Sent From My Telephone. The result is breathtaking and without a doubt a contemporary masterpiece. Weird library music, hip-hop instrumentals, low fi beats, and sculptural sound collages pass without transition, guided by the voice of Voice Actor, who sometimes sings dreamily like Nico or Grouper, sometimes talks ASMR-style. The speed and randomness with which tracks, samples, fragments and genres rush by nods to the fleeting TikTok culture. The album's strangely calm and uneasy atmosphere works on the mind for three and a half hours and leaves the listener with numerous questions, something only great art can do.


✧ Benjamim Furtado ✧

Benjamim Furtado (b. Lisbon, 1998) is a visual artist and musician based in Amsterdam.

Recent installations and sound pieces draw from human traces and stories that are left behind on the city’s surface. Footsteps, litter, graffiti… Those warm patches of human presence laid thinly over the brick and cement. In his latest live performance Furtado samples hours of drones and improvised music recorded in a small storage room. The room resonance and erratic recording methods paint a surrealistic soundscape that allures to doorbells, anticipation and the boundaries standing between public and intimate.


✧ Anina ✧

Anina (Nice, FR) is part of the Brussels micro-alternative scene as a DJ who plays either ambient music and surprising gems for radio shows, or trashy vibes such as breakcore, jungle, dubstep, Jersey club, fast music and raw rap for clubs. Through unexpected matches and blends, she brings you where her listening currently is, not giving a shit if it’s too personal to fit clubs. She now works for berlin based radio Refuge Worldwide, and is also part of Brussels-based label Sal de Fete.