25.01.20: Acre, Croww, Hiele
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✦ Acre ( 🇬🇧 — Opal Tapes / PAN )
✦ Croww ( 🇬🇧 — The Death Of Rave )
✦ Hiele ( 🇧🇪 — Ekster / Ultra Eczema )
✦ Otis + Terrorriba ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )
✦ Diony Lake ( 🇧🇪 — Slagwerk )


Date: January 25th 2020
Venue: Beursschouwburg
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Start - end: 23:00pm - 05:00am
Tickets: €10

With releases on Fabric, Tempa, PAN x Codes, Wisdom Teeth and Tectonic, and a foundational member of the Project 13 contingent, Acre is fast becoming one of the UK’s most distinctive producers. Probing the depths of fwd music, a slew of Grime, Jungle & Techno rush through his productions - though he never rests on one, instead tying the peripheries of each together into a fractal paradigm of the UK underground and an exploration of vantablack futuristic sounds. His second album ‘Hollow Body’ released on Opal Tapes explores the concept of transhumanism with a selection of tracks which skew the lines between Ambient and Noise, taking the Grime sound palette into a new direction entirely.

Working around the periphery of music of the vantablack variety, Croww peck at the corpuses of black metal, rap, flashcore and rave, blending sludgy brooding love themes with driven heady spines. Their first release ’Prosthetics' came out on The Death Of Rave label and since they have released music alongside Rabit, Nine Orafices and Black Mecha (WOLD) as well as performing several different coarse explosive live shows - most recently invited to perform at Aphex Twin’s curated show in Manchester. A resident at The White Hotel, Croww’s rare dj sets stretch across the board - from Grindcore to Crunk, nesting new mutations of hypermodern dance music.

Hiele’s music surfaces in the form of hard to pin point electronica, build on a long time obsession for synthetic sound creation and jazz studies. On stage Hiele plays with expectation, going past what is considered conventional, blending improvisational and classical elements into a no-nonsense personal idiom. Hiele has released his music on the Antwerp based label Ekster (Hiele 2013, Essential Oils 2014, Ritmische Bezinning 2016). In 2016 YYAA Recordings released Hiele’s performance in the Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin 2014. Roman Hiele has collaborated in the realms of fashion, documentary film, theatre and art productions.