26.05.23: SKY H1, Proc Fiskal, Himera
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✦ SKY H1
✦ Proc Fiskal
✦ Himera
✦ Samuelspaniel
✦ Renoiterrible
✦ Otis & Dida


Date: Friday May 26th
Venue: La Station
City: Paris
Country: France
Start - end: 23:00pm - 06:00am
Tickets: €12 / €15

✦ SKY H1 ✦

The Belgian producer SKY H1 found wild success with her first EPs on Creamcake and PAN's sublabel, Codes, followed by an appearance on PAN’s 'Mono No Aware' compilation. SKY H1's early works capture the blurring lines between her foundational experiences in drum and bass, grime, dubstep, and techno, all tilted towards the schematic bursts of pop. Her newest LP ‘Azure’, to be released on AD93 (december 2021), builds on this foundation and generously elaborates a delicate medley of expe-riences, forms, and functions into an imaginative and quietly ambitious debut album. 'Azure' was slowly brought to life over the last years in a live setting. Playing extensively across Europe, and with frequent bouts of touring taking her to the US, Canada, Japan, China, and Russia, SKY H1 has been continuously writing and assembling banks of music to in-corporate into club, concert, and gallery settings. More recently, compos-ing for film and video in both cinema and art environments has become a parallel arc of her practice.

✦ Proc Fiskal ✦

Proc Fiskal/Joe Powers is a producer/dj from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2018 he's released two albums and several EP's with Hyperdub that explore the potentialities of the cross pollination of uk genres and incorporates phone recordings, sound collage, vocal manipulation and high pressure bass.

✦ Himera ✦

Toying with the base notes of trance and pop music, Himera moulds emotional and story-driven soundscapes. Having released their debut LP in 2022 including collaborations with the likes of Petal Supply, Hannah Diamond and Tohji, they present a body of work full of synth-heavy ballads and disorienting pop tunes.

✦ Samuelspaniel ✦

Belgium’s Samuelspaniel forged his first significant music memories in the early noughties. Since then he has not had an easy way to get rid of them. Late 2019, he launched Boomerang dropping a first release called “BOO000” which was quickly flagged up by The Guardian and listed in the « Best Mixes of 2019 » by Fact Magazine. Described as a dense and dizzying electronic sound, his music mixes spaced-out rubber bounces and fidgety proto-‘blog house’. The next year, Samuelspaniel was invited by Oli XL on London’s NTS Radio and contributed with artist Golin on a song for PC Music’s winter compilation. Since then, he’s focusing on Boomerang releases alongside his longtime friends and collaborators Dj David Goblin and Bugasmurf.

✦ Renoiterrible ✦

Renoiterrible is an artist currently based between Paris and Brussels. her sets are exclusively black archival storytelling sessions that she keeps close at hand, through the different places that are important to her in her own history, through the streets of chicago, o'block, the carnival of baltimore , the trap of Atlanta, the magicians of Florida, or the cloud rap of Oakland, she will mix these stories with French rap and coupé-décalé, and other things that have upset her through images she mixes different black narratives through the music, not saying herself as a DJ, but more like an invisible storyteller.